Understanding the UberBattle Software


A Guide for Producers and DJs

Useful Links


Set up an account on Twitch.tv
1. Download and Install OBS
2. Use the auto-configuration wizard setup.  This can be found by going to: Tools > Auto-configuration wizard
3. Go to Settings>Stream>Twitch and press “Get stream key”
4. Choose your “sources”, click the “+” and select the appropriate one (WebCam = Video capture device & Phone = Media Source)
5. Set Audio Settings go to: File > Settings > Audio and set:
     Desktop Audio: Disabled if using a controller
     Mic/Auxillary Audio: Controller/Mixer (It must be plugged in to detect it)

PC – Secure Streaming with Agora

  1. Install Agora OBS: Link above
    1. Install to a different path then your other OBS install if you have one
    2. Browse to the folder and create a short cut
    3. Start OBS: DO NOT UPGRADE
    4. Click “Settings”
    5. Go to Agora Settings
  2. Get your Username and password from your admin to log into: https://uberbattles.com/app/performer/PerformerToken.php
  3. Put this into the Agora Settings:
    1. Agora APPID: (COPY from Performer Token Generator: AppID)
    2. Channel Name: (Your performer name)
    3. Agora AppCertificate(Optional): adcb35d59e904b789f5aa4dae12bbe19
    4. Uid: Uid
  4. Click Apply > OK
  5. Click Start to Agora Streaming