Live Battles F.A.Q.

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Of course!  Quiet Events has a full team that can help out answer questions. 

Quiet Events is happy to promote your business/products. 

No, but if you rent or buy the Quiet Events silent disco equipment you’ll be able to listen to all three channels at once.  Everyone in the room will be able to choose their stream and switch.  As you switch the color of the headphones change.  Learn More

Pricing is based on several factors that include the number of guests watching the battle, public/private streaming services, branding, and what site the battle is hosted on.

Yes, Quiet Events works with many other performers such as fitness, cooking, comedy, trivia and more that can entertain. 

Our software can currently serve up to 18,000 concurrent viewers.  For additional viewers, additional costs will be incurred. 

Yes!  We will work with them to get them setup with the software.